Ashcroft Technology Academy

August 2011

Chris Pinchin and the team have recently completed a super insulated, modern sixth form facility at the Wandsworth academy school. The brief requested a building with ultra-low running costs that allowed the ever expanding 6th form to move into a dedicated and dynamic facility that respected their changing status as maturing students and provided much needed additional space.

The Ashcroft Technology Academy in Wandsworth which is supported and part funded by Lord Ashcroft has undergone extensive renovation works over the last 10 years and this was the final piece of the build program needed to deliver a fully functioning and coordinated modern school. The brief was to provide 6 classrooms, a state of the art computer suite & library and also a large common room with kitchen area and dedicated external terrace.

The build was completed on time and on budget in conjunction with Goldsmith Construction and the school and the students are delighted with the results! The building needs almost zero heating in the winter due to the highly insulted shell and the efficiency of the air-source heat pumps. The crisp modern facility matches the aspirations of the school and the pupils as it provides a framework for them to continue to excel.