The Pavilion Topping Out

March 2012

Goldsmith Construction Group broke ground at The Pavilion site in Blackheath in August 2011 and have just this week topped out the structure. For more details and the first rush from our time lapse cameras please go here…

After a difficult start in the ground conditions have been fair and the going good for this super insulated home. The externally insulated and damp proofed basement structure is all in. The hollow core breathable clay ‘ziegle’ block walls went up quicker than you could blink and the upper ground and roof slabs are cast.

Now progress is expected to step up another gear as the first-fix of services gets underway and the building is clad externally.

The Pagoda will go on the market for sale at Easter time with

If you would like to attend a guided tour of the construction site please contact the studio. Click here for more info on the project.