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Print Club London

Dalston, London

E2 were appointed to undertake a development appraisal sketch feasibility study looking at the potential to add residential flats in a new dormer roof extension to the two storey existing commercial space that makes up the property owned by the client, the Print Club London.

The building has existing staircases at either end, so one of the challenges was to provide adequate access to the new flats. The building also has neighbours in very close proximity to the rear, along its full length and up to four storeys in height, therefore a key challenge was to provide suitable amenity space, whilst not being overlooked or overlooking the neighbours to the rear.

Two options were proposed to the client, both showing a different rhythm of fenestration and recessed balconies to the front elevation that reflected the different flat types being proposed.

To the rear in order to avoid overlooking windows were only proposed at right angles to the neighbouring terrace to the rear, in this way any issues of overlooking were entirely mitigated by creating only restricted oblique views out.

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