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Oppidans Road

Primrose Hill

Our Oppidans Road project for client Dominic Cooper involved an extension into the roof space of an existing two bedroom flat to provide open plan ‘loft style’ living space with access to a balcony at the rear.

The existing level of accommodation was reconfigured to provide two generous bedrooms with large ensuite bathrooms.

The materials used on this project centred around creating a space that gave the impression that it had been a part of the building all along. The reclaimed timber floor and the timber roof joists, which are left exposed to reveal reclaimed timber floor boards above, all serve this purpose. As a result the space feels lived in and settled despite being a new addition.

The project has been featured in the Guardian ‘Dramatic Spaces’ : “Raising the curtain on Dominic Cooper’s bolthole”


"I just can’t wait to get home, every time... I love what you guys have done. I never thought it could be this good."

Dominic Cooper

Private Client, Oppidans Road

Splashes of modernity purposely give the game away, with the anthracite zinc cladding to the balcony and minimalist glazed balustrade. The balcony itself becomes highly prized amenity space for the flat, with views overlooking the built landscape to the rear of the building.

A rooflight floods the centre of the loft space plan with natural light, whilst a dormer window located over the kitchen sink accords views out to the front of the building into the tree canopy beyond.

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This project resulted from our Architect Home Visit consultation with E2 director Sam Cooper.

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