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Listed Buildings

Alterations to listed buildings require a higher level of consideration and consent. A listed building is a building, object or structure that has been judged to be of national importance in terms of architectural or historic interest, and is included on a special register; the List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest.

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E2 have a long tradition of working with listed buildings of all grades and can advise you on what your listing means and how you can go about making restorations and changes. Sam Cooper our director grew up restoring period and listed houses with his architect father. He has an innate understanding of the design, technology and materials used in historic building. From this he is able to design and specify the right interventions and materials to make improvements that are appropriate and sympathetic whilst being bold and contemporary.


A building’s listing could be perceived as a set of somewhat prescriptive restrictions, however this is not to say that alterations to the building or its setting are not possible. The case can be made for alterations to a listed building if this enhances and preserves its use, thereby securing its longevity for future generations.


Listed buildings represent a significant proportion of heritage buildings, especially in London. Being the custodian-owner of a listed building, as with heritage buildings generally, can present challenges. The refurbishment of and/or alterations to a listed building can help to redress its constraints in terms of modern living, whilst emphasising and celebrating its heritage and distinctiveness.


Each listed building is unique. These buildings are by their nature implicitly of a different era, and as a result can restrict 21st century lifestyles. Perhaps the biggest obstacle to actualising any change to a listed building is achieving a successful listed building consent. The planners and conservation officers will want to see proper analysis of the buildings history and its significance is carried out and that the highest quality design and specification of any alterations, additions or new buildings addresses this, fully demonstrating that the heritage asset is preserved and enhanced.


This is easier to secure when it is evident that a clear effort has been made to carefully consider the building and its context, and that this is apparent throughout the design process. It is a careful balancing act between sensitive restoration and appropriate contemporary design. Once this balance is established it is possible to push for a much bolder architecture, marking a clear departure from the existing and making the most of contemporary design with appropriate materials and proportion to realise a comfortable, striking and efficient new environment for you to enjoy.

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