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What We Do

Architect Home Visit
Whether you are considering building a new house or adapting and extending your current home, deciding what is possible and how to do it can be a difficult task. The home visit is aimed at demystifying the process and identifying the possibilities so you can decide on how you might proceed with a potential project. Through an afternoon of discussions and sketching we will help to write the brief and identify the key opportunities and constraints. This is then packaged into a report for you to consider your options and decide which way forward you want to proceed.

Development Appraisal
For larger projects we will carry out studies into what the development opportunities may be for a site or for change of use of an existing building.

Concept Design
There can be many different design options available on a site or in a building. We will help you to understand these and identify the best. We will then develop the concept so that it fits with you and makes a home that will work for your lifestyle and family.

Planning Approval
E2 have a long track record of achieving high value consents in difficult places. No matter what borough or district, we will analyse the planning policies and constraints and prepare a design that will challenge and push the boundaries to gain permission. We have been successful with applications involving listed buildings, conservation areas, SSSIs, National Parks urban and rural settings. So if you want a new house where they have said you can’t or you want to make alterations to a building in a heritage setting we can help.

Refurbishment and Interior Design
E2 have a long list of projects involving the refurbishment, upgrading and improvement of houses and apartments. We can do it all, from bespoke furniture through to finding the right people for the job. Interiors can be a very personal thing so we can work with you to coordinate your selection of finishes and fittings, or we can come up with a full scheme including finishes, lighting, joinery, and colours for your approval.

Full Construction and Contract Administration
Many of the repeat work and referrals we get is through the builders we work with. A testament to the quality of our construction information and management. We write full and complete tender information which allows you to enter into contract with a builder with both parties clear on what is to be done and at what price. This gives you peace of mind that what you are paying for is what you want, and that you are getting the quality you require.

Sustainability Assessment and Advice
All our work is imbued with sustainable principles of design and construction. These principles inform our choices and bring an inherent quality to our work. It is not the sole driver or polemic in our decision making but means we can deliver your project to your requirements whilst exceeding your expectations of comfort and style, with low bills and a healthy home. We work successfully with a number of accreditation schemes and energy modelling and design tools.

Building Regulations and Technical Design
We are geeks with the technical stuff. We are meticulous with the detail. We work closely with specialists and consultants to coordinate a design that gives the quality, style and finish you want and exceeds the standards set out in the building regs.

Historical Buildings
We take time to analyse historical buildings to identify the construction techniques and significant features so we can make appropriate designs for restoration and alteration with specifications that will protect and enhance the original building. We can make recommendations for improvements to the building fabric to reduce heat loss whilst avoiding potential damage to the structure and for new development that will not harm the setting of a listed building. We have worked with listed buildings and much of our work is within conservation areas, where it is important to identify the heritage assets so that approval can be gained for appropriate development.

Autodesk REVIT is Building Information Modelling (BIM) 3D modelling software. Now recognised as the industry standard for the design of construction projects. At E2 we upgraded to REVIT and successfully expanded our knowledge of its use on several projects in 2016-17. This powerful software makes for much more efficient and integrated design work and can be used with a far higher level of involvement of client and consultants alike. The 3D aspect ensures clients, planners and agents have a much clearer vision of the proposed design for the project and also enables us to create 3D renders of the proposals illustrating the quality of our designs.

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About E2 Architecture

Founded in 2007, E2 have established a reputation for designing beautiful and innovative buildings. We take pride in achieving distinctive designs of outstanding quality that enhance and add value to homes, businesses and developments.

We are approachable, open minded architects and technicians. We will help you create buildings and spaces that are comfortable, enjoyable and life enhancing. Our approach to each project, big or small, starts from the same position; objectivity, respect, care and attention. We empower progress through a collaborative approach with our clients and strive to exceed expectations of the value great architecture can bring to a project.

Whether for a new build one-off house, multiple unit mixed use buildings, or for creating striking contemporary interventions to heritage and Grade Listed buildings, our expertise lies in merging innovative contemporary architecture with high performing energy efficient building techniques and sympathetic restoration to bring you a building which is greater than the sum of its parts.

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