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    The Container Studio | Work Experience with Aleeya Sibbons

    Through architecture we can explore our differences, which in turn can convince people to be more accepting; influencing them to expand on their outlook of the world we’ve created.

    Could you give us an introduction to who you are?

    My name is Aleeya Sibbons and I am a sixth form student who will be enrolling at university at the end of the year to study architecture, I am also considering an apprenticeship. I have studied Mathematics, Art/Craft/Design and Psychology at A-level. I am also a GB Junior athlete. I am open minded and determined when it comes to learning and developing my interests, seeking opportunities and being grateful to those more experienced who are assisting  me.


    Can you summarize what drives you to become an architect?

    I believe that our surroundings can shape our attitudes, and that architecture is a means to react positively to our constantly evolving world. Through architecture we can explore our differences, which in turn can convince people to be more accepting; influencing them to expand on their outlook of the world we’ve created.

    Why did you want work experience with E2?

    E2 is an architecture practice that both preserves impactful historical buildings and creates new and refreshing ones. They are successfully able to mend structures that have become broken through time, whilst maintaining the integrity of which it was most valued for. All the while, giving birth to a range of new structures, altering homes to better suit their clients’ needs and considering the environment at the same time. I felt that working with such an experienced company would help me to develop a range of skills and knowledge.


    Reflect on the work you’ve done this week – how would you evaluate your experience?

    From day one I’ve been exposed to the work undertaken in real architecture practice, and I have learnt a raft of new technological skills. On my first day I was given a project, to redesign E2’s shipping container studio, to suit an extra member of the team. I measured the studio and the dimensions of it’s contents, so that I could sketch out some floor plans. Because my proposed plan could potentially be considered, it was important that I maintained a certain level of precision in my work.

    On day two I was introduced to Revit, is a software that I had never used before, and was shown the dynamics of how it worked, in order for me to model the existing studio. At first, I found it difficult but going into day two, naturally learnt which tools did what and was able to successfully complete the existing floor plans. I made different sheets containing sections, elevations, and an axonometric 3D view, which I referred to throughout drafting the plans.

    On day three, after looking at some of the historical site analysis, I was taken to one of E2’s current projects. Here I learnt the importance of planning and collaborating with all the members of the project team ( builders, and consultants), in order to complete a project smoothly. I sat in a meeting with everyone and got a true insight into everyone’s roles and what they discussed. In my neon vest, hardhat, and builder’s boots I got first-hand experience into what architects are exposed to mid production.

    Halfway through my experience I began progressing on Revit and modelled my proposed ideas. I found it was important to focus on two or three ideas initially, and then further refine one. I learned about different rules and regulations regarding spacing in buildings (for example needing at least 750mm of chair space to get out), which made me adjust my plans to better suit this.

    (Plan view of our office at ContainerVille – proposal by Aleeya Sibbons)


    (Section view of our office at ContainerVille – proposal by Aleeya Sibbons)


    On day four, I transferred my proposed plans from Revit to Twinmotion, where I was able to create visualisations of my proposal. Adding colours, materials and accessories to the office, my proposal began to take shape. I was taught the importance of lighting and found that the small details can be really impactful.

    On my last day I was able to finish in Twinmotion, taking views from different angles. I also created a 30 second video, combining different scenes, giving a clear overview of the entire space and its layout. To wrap up the week, I had help with my architecture portfolio and CV, to demonstrate my professionalism and in a way that best conveyed my work.

    Overall, it is evident that I have learnt so much over the past week, gaining some real hands-on experience working alongside E2 and carrying my own project right through to completion. I have learned how to use Twinmotion and Revit in the space of 5 days, and although I’m not an expert, I have covered a lot in both. I have gained knowledge of how communication between different parties carries the weight of a project to suit the client’s needs whilst making it safe to use.

    Your Next Steps – how has the week helped you to define what this is?

    I realise the importance to my upcoming studies; there are always different problems that can arise, and as an architect there is no such thing as having too much knowledge. I would like to continue working on my technical skills when designing buildings. I also wish to learn more about materials and the practicalities of considering these depending on different built structures. With regards to going to university, I have found that I could switch to an apprenticeship for the different stages, for instance doing my part one at university and two as an apprenticeship. Originally, I just wanted to work on residential buildings. Working with E2 has opened my eyes to working with industrial/commercial buildings too.



    Are you an aspiring architecture professional currently finishing secondary school or in your part 1? Would you like to see how we at E2 can help you to gain valuable experience? Get in touch, call us or send in your CV and portfolio to

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