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    About E2

    Your Agents of Change; Ushering in the New

    The E2 Way


    At E2 we believe an informed client is a successful client. 

    In fact, our client’s experience of a project is central to what we do.

    Whilst there’s little value in pursuing perfection, we do believe in always improving in everything we do.

    Keeping you informed of all possible opportunities requires us to be at the forefront of our industry’s knowledge.

    At every stage in your project we will look at how we can deliver more to make your project the best we’ve ever completed.

    In this way we will guide you to get the most out of your project, forging your route to success.

    If you want to leave a legacy, get in touch.

    The Team

    Sam Cooper

    Director - BA (Arch), Dip Arch, RIBA CA

    Sam believes in building solid client relationships, which for him are the essential foundation of any project. He is always looking to find where his clients’ true values lie and believes this is the secret to delivering architecture that excels.

    Sam is a leading expert in the development of heritage property and low environmental impact design. This along with his training and extensive experience in contemporary architecture has developed into the practice of what he calls contemporary conservation.

    Sam has developed successful scheme designs and won planning permissions where many before him have failed or said it impossible. He loves to work out how, when people say ‘never’.

    Elizabeth Sonubi

    Architectural Technician - BA (Arch. Technology & Construction Management)

    Elizabeth bridges the gap between form and function. She believes that when it comes to great architectural design, you should be able to have your cake and eat it too.

    After studying and starting her career in Copenhagen, Elizabeth has adopted the ethos of Danish design: Simple, functional and aesthetically pleasing. And wishes to bring that to the technical design of every project she works on.

    With experience in big and small scale projects and both commercial and residential schemes from concept to technical design, Elizabeth believes that every project runs on the same principle; having the end-user’s best interests in mind.

    David Obaro

    Head of Visualisation - BSc (Hons), MArch

    David is passionate about the connections we share as people and amplifying these through critical thinking and design. He believes in the power of acquiring and sharing knowledge; in the technological age information is the most valuable currency.

    With this mindset, David constantly refines his methods and strives to deliver beyond expectations on every project. He is resourceful and highly motivated, with a passion for historic buildings, contemporary design, traditional construction, and sustainable developments.

    With a track record of producing energetic visualisations, working to an exceptional standard while gaining valuable practical experience, David is undertaking his ARB Part III architecture qualification.

    Jim Rooney

    Associate - BSc (Hons), MArch, RIBA ARB

    Jim is driven to facilitate meaningful and positive change in the lives of others. He feels passionate that when people work together, truly collaborate without fear, uninhibited, that is when the best results are achieved. ‘Drawing from our individual strengths, collectively, is how we succeed’.

    Motivated by this, Jim pushes himself to improve every day, with every project and with every new client relationship.

    Jim has a keen interest in heritage work and conservation architecture and has also delivered several Contemporary Interventions projects, integrating E2’s expertise of eco zero carbon design within the context of heritage properties.

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    What Kind of Client Are You?

    Each project brief and each site is unique. We work with private clients to realise their dream homes and developer/investor clients to build profitable property portfolios on residential, commercial and mixed-use projects.

    So that we can give you the most relevant advice about your project please follow the links below.

    The success of your project can be measured in many
    ways. But at the core is what value has been added to
    the site in the process of a project.

    We will work with you to ensure every potential
    to increase value is explored at every stage of the project.

    Our clients have profited from our imagination in many
    different ways.

    Our promise to you is our continual planning for
    maximised gain, from a strategic level right down to
    the detail.

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