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    Contemporary Conservation

    Your agents of change; ushering in the new.

    At E2 we believe an informed client is a successful client.

    Our expertise is in defining the highest added value and delivering this, whether you are a homeowner or a developer.

    We will guide you to get the most out of your project, forging your route to success.

    Want to Leave a Legacy?

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    If you want to leave a lasting legacy by investing in the design of your project then we are the architects for you.

    We are passionate about built heritage, contemporary architecture and sustainable futures.

    We are accredited conservation architects specialising in contemporary, context based architecture.


    The Pavilion, a zero carbon private home in the curtilage of Grade II* Listed The Pagoda, Blackheath



    We believe that well considered, high quality architecture can significantly lift the value, and have a positive impact on what your investment can return to you.

    Our practice is dedicated to enhancing the life of our clients, employees and those who inhabit the places we design.


    Saint Martin’s Lane, zero rental voids since 2012 when we successfully negotiated Listed Building Consent for change of use and extension.

    E2’s Deep Retrofit of an Historic Building Enhances its Value

    We recently completed a deep retrofit at the Old Drill Hall in Farringdon, improving the EPC for the building from an E to a B. This achieves PAS2038, the government’s target for all existing commercial buildings to be EPC B by 2030, and the result for our client has been an increase in rental yield of 75%.

    The client’s testimonial is below. Click on the image immediately below to discover this manifesto retrofit project, which exemplifies E2’s expertise in exceeding all expectations.

    "The professionalism, diligence, focus and attention to detail has been excellent throughout the stages of the project and it has been a long time since I have seen a piece of work of such a high calibre."

    Scott Payne, Development Manager-Max Barney

    Developer Client, The Old Drill Hall

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    What Kind of Client Are You?

    Each project brief and each site is unique. We work with private clients to realise their dream homes and developer/investor clients to build profitable property portfolios on residential, commercial and mixed-use projects.

    So that we can give you the most relevant advice about your project please follow the links below.

    Our No Obligation Consultancies

    The success of your project can be measured in many
    ways. But at the core is what value has been added to
    the site in the process of a project.

    We will work with you to ensure every potential
    to increase value is explored at every stage of the project.

    Our clients have profited from our imagination in many
    different ways.

    Our promise to you is our continual planning for
    maximised gain, from a strategic level right down to
    the detail.

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