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    The Container Studio | Work Experience with Beulah Kuku

    Here at E2, we are thrilled to launch the first week of our work experience program. From this year we will be investing 4 weeks over a 2-month period during the summer to work with students with interest in becoming architects. The aim of this program is to provide exposure to various aspects of an architectural practice and how they operate, giving insight to the student as they navigate through their architectural careers , enabling them make informed decisions. Meet our first student and see what she got up to with us.

    Could you give us an introduction to who you are?

    I’m Beulah Kuku, an aspiring architect going to University this September to study architecture. I’m a communicative and empathetic person, having witnessed client experiences first-hand, I understand as crucial soft skills to possess within the industry.

    I feel I am advanced for my current education level, in Adobe Suite, Sketch Up, AutoCAD and Twinmotion. It is my work ethic and zeal for architecture that has prompted me to look for the most judicious ways to visually present my work, and I strive to continue on that path as my competency grows.

    Can you summarize what drives you to become an architect?

    Architecture is one of the few careers where you can weave partial storylines of lives starkly different to your own. In each project, you have a client (or clients) who specific needs based on their goals for a designated space. As the architect you need to be a spatial psychologist, analysing the brief, evaluating your design choices but more importantly – understanding your client, this chapter of their story – and personifying it in the outcome of your project. The career of an architect allows one to be a versatile human and to me versatility is remarkable.

    Why did you want work experience with E2?

    E2 is a growing small firm and from my limited experience with small and big firms, the smaller ones give more responsibility and variety to their employees, relatively speaking. E2 has a great ethos and that can be seen in its quality portfolio where they showcase their sustainable-oriented approach to design. I find this a remarkable trait for a company to have, as I studied A-level Geography and know how anthropogenic factors have irrevocably disrupted natural feedback loops in ecosystems across the planet.

    Reflect on the work you’ve done this week – how would you evaluate your experience?

    This week I was introduced to Revit, a BIM modelling software. I got consistent input from David Obaro and was thankful for this as I recognised how incompetent I was with the software. I made the same mistakes often in the first few days and forgot the instructions of how to execute certain commands in my model. To counter this, I tried to be independent to some degree and turn to tutorials online for guidance, some helped, but with the software being so new to me, I didn’t have the basics down. Perhaps, it would have been good to have tried learning at home, but I’m glad I maintained a work-life balance despite the temptation. By the last day, my comprehension had grown. I had more initiative, depending less on David for guidance. I was tasked with the redesign of E2’s studio. Initially I didn’t draw to scale as I was more concerned with getting all my iterative ideas down on paper. However, I should have because whilst elements appeared to fit in my unscaled drafts, when I drew these to 1:50 scale I realised they actually didn’t work, which wasted time. Overall, I have learned significantly in modelling and sketching practicality.

    (plan view of our office at ContainerVille – proposal by Beulah Kuku)

    (axo section view of our office at ContainerVille – proposal by Beulah Kuku)

    Your Next Steps – how has the week helped you to define what this is?

    I am looking forward to taking up my place at university and growing my technical skills further. At E2 I have learned how important accuracy is, resulting that therefore at University, I will strive for all my work to be as realistic and as accurate as possible.

    (rendered view of our office at ContainerVille – proposal by Beulah Kuku)

    Are you an aspiring architecture professional currently finishing secondary school or in your part 1? Would you like to see how we at E2 can help you to gain valuable experience? Get in touch, call us or send in your CV and portfolio to