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Here at E2, we are always on the look out for aspirational talent. As we grow, we aspire to open doors for ambitious designers. We encourage you to send in your best work and we will consider every single candidate on their merits against the available position(s). We are currently actively looking to recruit an Architectural Technician.

Are You an Architectural Technician Who Is:


Fascinated with the detail?

Likes hitting and exceeding targets?

Want to add value as an integral member?

Strive to achieve the highest quality design?

Are you driven to innovate working methods?

 Do Your Key Personal Skills Include:


Are you proactive and a team player?

Dedicated to realising business growth?

Thrive on analysis and self-development?

Interested in how you can adapt to improve?

Are you confident promoting yourself/your business/your brand?

Keen to get hands on experience in a vibrant architectural setting?

What Can You Expect?


You will be engaged in the production of project related technical information at all stages of work

Communicating with clients, contractors & suppliers

Quality control and attention to detail

Contributing to design reviews and business meetings

Sound like your kind of adventure?

 Want to Apply?


Write us an email, subject: Architectural Technician | Name

Submit CV + Portfolio (maximum 12 pages)

Submit a cover letter that includes:

What can you bring to the team?

What drives your passion of technical design?

In your own words, what do you think about “fabric-first” approach to building design?

In addition please send a 1min video attachment stating why you want to work with E2,

and explain what it is about our culture that you particularly think would make you the right fit with us?

Please send your submission to

Sound good? Get in touch today.

We are always on the look for talent and the next addition to the E2 family.

This could most definitely be you!

Aspiring Project Architect


Get a kick from adding value?

Thrive on collaboration?

Want to become an integral member?

Happy to be rewarded on performance?

Interested in generating growth?

Want to learn how to run a project?

Have an interest in business development?

What Can You Expect?


You will be exposed to projects at every stage

You can expect to be involved in the design process

Training to become an excellent architect

Part III mentor & support (if required)

You will not be confined to the role and responsibilities of a ‘CAD Monkey’

You will be involved in the management of the business

Our central aim is to develop your skills and retain you as a key member of our team as we grow.

Sound good? Get in touch.

You can send your CV + Portfolio to