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    Forging Your Route to Success

    When you’re sitting back in your finished home, long after we’re gone, you don’t want to be in any doubt you made the right choices.

    To avoid this you need to explore the options before making decisions.

    We do this for our clients throughout the evolution of a project, and it starts with the architect home visit


    In an onsite or online consultation with Sam Cooper, we will explore your aspirations for your project, and your options for realising them.

    The aim is to inform you and inspire you about what you could be left with when all is said and done, and provide you with a route map to get there.


    Contemporary intervention basement extension and refurbishment of heritage Mews House, Bayswater


    Pre-consultation questionnaire to begin building the brief;

    research into the heritage, planning and available information about the house/site;

    walking talking tour of the site and house and appraisal of the aspects and attributes;

    assessment of significance (for heritage properties and conservation areas);

    discussions about the brief and value hierarchy;

    discussions about health and wellbeing, sustainability and comfort;


    Contemporary intervention rear extension to heritage property, Catford


    A live design workshop to explore the options and potential value of each;

    search for and identify the WOW;

    discussions around process and how to overcome typical hurdles and pitfalls;

    recommendations for next steps and project strategy;

    a summary report including sketches, commentary and recommendations.


    Contemporary intervention loft extension to heritage property, Primrose Hill

    OK, BUT WHY E2?

    Sam has helped hundreds of people find the WOW in their homes. He is an expert in contemporary architecture in heritage settings.

    Sam is an accredited RIBA Conservation Architect, so can give you specialist advice on instigating change in Listed buildings and conservation areas.

    If you are ready to make a start please fill out a request for an initial appraisal and we will get in touch to agree a proposal with you for the main focus of the visit.

    We look forward to finding the WOW with you…


    The Pavilion a zero carbon private home in the curtilage of Grade II* Listed The Pagoda, Blackheath



    £2,200 (+VAT) for a typical house.

    Listed buildings and atypical projects, price on application.


    Contemporary intervention rear extension to heritage property, Dalston

    "I just can’t wait to get home, every time... I love what you guys have done. I never thought it could be this good."

    Dominic Cooper

    Private Client, Primrose Hill

    Sam Cooper

    Your Homemaker's Promise & the E2 Guarantee

    The E2 Guarantee:

    You will:

    • Rest assured that you have achieved the maximum value from your site.
    • Give delight to all those who experience your new property.
    • Be happy in the knowledge that you have enacted the most appropriate scheme.
    • Be confident you have achieved the best return on your investment, for you and the property.
    • Be proud you have enacted a positive and sustainable impact on the environment.
    • Have peace of mind with an accredited RIBA award winning Architect working on your project.
    • Have sophisticated contemporary architecture that inspires and works to deliver you maximum comfort.


    We guarantee:

    • E2 Director Sam Cooper will be lead consultant on your project from inception to completion.
    • We will explore all viable options for the project to ensure that you receive the return on the investment that you desire.
    • We will add lasting value to you and your asset.
    • We will agree a project programme and constantly review and report against it.
    • We will respond to all communication within 24hrs in the working week.
    • Our entire team will be dedicated to delivering complete customer satisfaction.
    • You will be delighted with the result.


    We can’t guarantee the result of any planning application, but we can guarantee that we will use our skill, care and expertise to give you the best chance of success in what you aspire to.

    Sam Cooper


    Architect Home Visit - Consultation Guide

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    Architect Home Visit

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    "... with a lot of hard work and always our best interest at heart, clear minds, patience, focus and much needed sober-mindedness, E2 Architecture got us through it all."

    Alev Lenz

    Client, Kingsland Road

    Are you considering building a new home that will transform your life?

    Are you making significant alterations to your existing home to bring about a new lease of life?

    Are you considering buying a new home but not sure how it will fit your needs, or what alterations you might be able to carry out?

    Are you confident about the best way to go about realising the project?

    We can help you with that.

    Request a call to discuss your next steps.

      By clicking ‘send’ you agree to E2 Architecture and Interiors Ltd storing and using the information above as set out in their Privacy Policy