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Development Appraisal

Have a development project you want to maximise the GDV on? Our Development Appraisal consultation offers you the opportunity to explore the feasible planning gain options available for your site with E2 director Sam Cooper.
At E2 we have a proven track record of achieving successful planning permissions with the highest possible GDV on extremely constrained and difficult sites across London and beyond.


We will undertake extensive investigations of the local planning policy, heritage & conservation constraints and other relevant local and national restrictions in the context of your site. We will devise sketch options for different massing and general arrangements to outline different scenarios, unit mixes and gross internal areas. We will report clearly setting out our appraisal of the planning risk for each option. This will allow you to assess the possible return on investment for the options, set the brief for going forwards and define your bid for the site.


Our feasibility study service comprehensively explores the viability of constructing different designs options on your site and provides the Gross Internal Areas for each unit, allowing you to accurately calculate the GDV of each option.

We have considerable experience of dealing with difficult projects and making the case to planners for the development of tricky sites. Our feasibility studies are informed by this knowledge and our expertise in constructing the highest quality architecture, to ensure that you receive a carefully considered, realistic and achievable bespoke design solution that maximises the developable scope of your site.

We will advise you on suitable materials and building techniques as well as offering references of appropriate consultants for your project. We will always work to your brief, pushing to achieve the highest quality and most striking architecture with the best planning gain.

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Do you have a site you would like to develop in order to achieve the highest Gross Development Value? Explore the design options available for your site with E2 director Sam Cooper. Find out more here...

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