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Downs Park Road

Dalston, London

Our Downs Park Road project revolved around the addition of a single storey dining room extension to the rear of a two bedroom Victorian terrace maisonette. The ground floor was completely refurbished in order to galvanise the extension to the rest of the floor plan at this level. The new dining area helped to unlock the potential of the rest of the living spaces and allowed the property’s kitchen to breathe for the first time. The design of the extension centred around the garden design’s existing diagonal axis, with a cantilevered roof creating on open corner sliding door arrangement that would reinforce the connection between the internal and external.

The chamfered timber eaves detail to the extension came about as a way to reduce the impact of the thickness to the green roof and boundary wall, acting like a picture frame to the glazing. A rooflight in the roof of the extension abutting the existing gable wall to the main building ensures natural light penetrates deep into the kitchen area and creates a moment of architectural ambient drama across the threshold. The rest of the property was updated with a high spec lighting scheme to highlight art work on the walls and working areas in the kitchen. Upstairs the family bathroom was upgraded and with thermal improvements and under floor heating now making it a comfortable environment.

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This project resulted from our Architect Home Visit consultation with E2 director Sam Cooper.

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