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    Royal Hill

    Greenwich, London

    Set within the Greenwich Conservation Area and Greenwich Maritime UNESCO World Heritage Site, this project is for a new single storey rear extension with reinstatement, repairs and minor alterations to a Grade II listed building on Royal Hill. The proposals furthermore seek to enhance the design of the approved scheme for a new outbuilding “garden studio” with the use of contemporary and robust materials that complement the character of the conservation area.

    The primary significance of this building largely comes from the age and evidential qualities. The architecture is not of particular significance but it does make some contribution to the character of the conservation area at the front. The proposals for listed building consent will include reinstatement of the historic front gate and repairs to the front elevation render with repainted windows as it was originally intended.

    Internally, the historical plan form is largely intact with the kitchen located in the basement towards the front of the property. At the core of the proposal is to relocate the kitchen to the rear at ground floor level with a new single storey extension forming better connections with the garden and studio beyond with minor alterations and reinstatement to the plan layout. The new extension will be clad in natural hardwood with crittall glazing arrangement and intensive green roof. Reclaimed bricks from the site will form the rear garden terraces with some additional bricks to match.

    The opportunity arises to improve on an approved scheme for a new outbuilding “garden studio”. The proposal adopts an a-symmetric design that compliments the rear extension with a large window seat and natural timber battens cladding. The garden studio will also boast of an intensive green roof.

    The proposals follow a conservation led design approach whereby there is a desire to preserve and enhance the listed building making it fit for modern living, in so doing, the new additions seek to preserve and enhance the character of conservation area with high quality sympathetic design. The application is for listed building consent is accompanied by a daylight/sunlight assessment for planning purposes.

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