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    Multi-unit Residential

    E2 have established ourselves on larger residential schemes, taking the methodology applied to our Pavilion project and approaching larger buildings with multiple units with the same outcome in mind - making eco sexy!

    Are you looking to maximise the potential of your existing residential units or design a new build multi-unit property?

    Whether your project involves a redevelopment of your existing building, or the design of a new building, we will work with you to maximise the developable scope of your site.

    Click on the image below to visit our Multi-unit Residential Speciality page and learn more by downloading our PDF, taking you through the key facts you will need to know if you are thinking of developing a site, including our approach to handling the planning process and conservation officers.

    If you have a project in mind that involves a Multi-unit Residential scheme why not try our no obligation Development Appraisal service, which offers you the opportunity to explore the design options available for your site with E2 director Sam Cooper?

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