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Macartney House


E2 refurbished and reconfigured the north wing of the grand Grade II Listed Macartney House, situated on the south western park wall to Greenwich Park.

Once occupied by the family of General James Wolfe, commemorated with a statue in the Royal Park, the vast Grade II building, which was previously altered by Sir John Soane, has been brought up to date.

A new and more befitting feature staircase rises through a newly created double height space in the entrance to the building.

Upstairs is now a generous master suite with adjoining drawing room. And the ground floor now features a new kitchen and refurbished living space, a textile artist studio, a new gym and three guest bedrooms.

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E2's Legacy Manual for Listed Building Owners - How to Make Changes in a Heritage Setting


Change can happen in a listed building or conservation setting. As the owner of a listed building you are considered to be the current guardian of a national heritage asset. In this role you can expect support and you could consider yourself a champion of the legacy to be passed on.

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