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Cutting House


Cutting House is a one bedroom courtyard house, centred around a fully glazed courtyard, in the Greenwich conservation area. The site is adjacent to an old filled-in railway cutting and utilises the space left between a dilapidated brick cobbler’s workshop and an access way to new houses built on the cutting,

Internal finishes are simple timber cladding and tile floors with bespoke joinery to make best use of space. The kitchen living space is clad with timber matching the built-in joinery to make the whole space feel like a bespoke piece of furniture.

The fully glazed courtyard opens up the entire house with corner opening sliding doors, providing valuable external amenity on this space restricted plot and helping to blur the divide between inside and outside.

The main living space feature high level windows and rooflights, which in conjunction with the full height glazing to the courtyard, floods the interior space with light, contributing to make the space feel large and airy.

This project resulted from our Development Appraisal consultation with E2 director Sam Cooper.

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