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BIM & 3D Visualisation

At the early stage of the design process you can benefit from the use of BIM and the production of realistic CGI visuals to gain a more visceral understanding of the design outcomes as they emerge. For this reason, we have adopted the latest in building information modelling (BIM) and computer generated image (CGI) technologies allowing you to test-drive our design as it unfolds. This process facilitates changes and realistic analysis of ideas in real time. We strive to make the process enjoyable by providing you visual updates every step of the way at your request.

This design strategy allows for much more efficient and integrated design work. BIM & CGI visualisations have proven to be essential tools in the building industry, transcending 2D line drawings with spatial representations that enable far more constructive conversations. Having a clear understanding of your project at the outset is vital; providing you with reassurance from the start and continuing throughout your journey. Importantly, this will remove the likelihood of costly redesigns later in the project design phases, or worse, once on site.


Our feasibility appraisals are the crucial first stage of you project. We explore all the possibilities for your project with hand-drawn sketches, working to uncover the maximum opportunity nestled within the constraints. This vital first step identifies your project strategy, reassuring you of how we can address your project’s needs with ease. This is the launching point for design development, and will spark as much conversation and as many ideas as possible in order to provide certainty of your project’s trajectory moving forward.


Once the possibilities are defined our aim turns to giving your project life. We can do this by transferring into BIM, so that your project takes its form immediately. The knock on effect is that BIM then allows us to produce all relevant drawings almost at a click of a button, where 2D software would require each drawing to be drawn individually. This is the value of 3D modelling; once the model is built producing drawings is incredibly efficient – and further, any update to the model is reflected on all the drawings without need to redraw each one.


From this initial 3D model we develop the design strategy, analysing how the spaces work, the flow through the building talks to the brief, the fenestration works within the spaces and externally. We can begin to model the bathrooms / kitchen and populate the rooms with furniture. Taking sections through the building we can work out a feasible structural strategy. We can apply build-ups to the walls, floors, ceilings and roof, ensuring we are considering the thermal performance of the building whilst also applying materials to surfaces. In this way very quickly you gain a deep and comprehensive insight into your project; a realistic representation of what will be built prior to going to planning or tender.


We subscribe to a meticulous fabric first approach that takes its cues from zero carbon or Passivhaus and airtightness principles throughout the design process, in order to maximize gain in the future use of the building and to secure you long lasting comfort. We will work through the finer detail to achieve the most from our design. This will involve analyzing the junctions in the building, these represent the vulnerabilities for thermal performance, to produce a catalogue of technical drawings that will provide prospective contractors with a comprehensive overview of the building to be built. Contractors often remark that our tender information is incredibly dense and crucially, eminently helpful to them in defining an accurate construction cost.


The visualisation process will be beneficial to you throughout the realisation of your project. We can provide you with ‘white card’ visuals that confirm the contextual detail, maximising the immersive experience of our early design concepts. You will find these incredibly helpful as they will illustrate clearly the form and design of the proposals under discussion. Generally speaking 2D drawings cannot possibly convey all the essential information to you to enable you to make informed decisions so we recommend that you integrate our use of BIM and CGIs as early on into your project as possible. We offer this option as a bolt-on service to our hand drawn sketch feasibility studies. The value to you as a result will undoubtedly exceed your expectations – we have a list of clients who will attest to this.


We can also create materially realistic rendered images to explore the finishes for the project as a whole. These images can include exterior and interior views and can be fine-tuned to various levels of detail on demand and as required. This will enable you to experience your project realistically prior to its construction, enabling you to build a tangible connection to the building; how it will look and feel. These images have the power to generate heightened emotional responses, ensuring that you visualise the full extent of what is being proposed when tailoring the spaces to your tastes and preferences. This is also a bolt-on service.

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