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    Granville Park



    Our Granville Park project involved the complete redevelopment of this Victorian Villa leading onto Blackheath.

    This project had a demanding brief to bring the inefficiently partitioned interior of the building firmly into the 21st Century.


    The villa had been chopped and changed and knocked about, from a single dwelling, into three and, by the time our client bought it, down to two dwellings.

    Our brief was to gut the four-storey building and refurbish it, turning it into our client’s main residence over the three upper floors with an annex flat at lower ground floor.

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    The project aimed to install a new open plan living space for the main house at upper ground floor, placing the bedrooms on the two storeys above.

    This required major structural works to replace the spine wall with a new steel structure allowing this open plan to be realised as well as allowing more space to the master ensuite at first floor.

    What Kind of Client Are You?

    Each project brief and each site is unique. We work with private clients to realise their dream homes and developer/investor clients to build profitable property portfolios on residential, commercial and mixed-use projects.

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    Sam Cooper


    You will:

    • Rest assured that you have achieved the maximum value from your site.
    • Give delight to all those who experience your new property.
    • Be happy in the knowledge that you have enacted the most appropriate scheme.
    • Be confident you have achieved the best return on your investment, for you and the property.
    • Be proud you have enacted a positive and sustainable impact on the environment.
    • Have peace of mind with an accredited RIBA award winning Architect working on your project.
    • Have sophisticated contemporary architecture that inspires and works to deliver you maximum comfort.

    We guarantee:

    • E2 Director Sam Cooper will be lead consultant on your project from inception to completion.
    • We will explore all viable options for the project to ensure that you receive the return on the investment that you desire.
    • We will add lasting value to you and your asset.
    • We will agree a project programme and constantly review and report against it.
    • We will respond to all communication within 24hrs in the working week.
    • Our entire team will be dedicated to delivering complete customer satisfaction.
    • You will be delighted with the result.


    We can’t guarantee the result of any planning application, but we can guarantee that we will use our skill, care and expertise to give you the best chance of success in what you aspire to.

    Sam Cooper


    "Knowledgeable, professional, personable - and patient! I would recommend."

    "Knowledgeable, professional, personable - and patient!

    Sam and team came up with a scheme for our house that has maximised the space, transforming it from 3 bedsits into a beautiful family home. They provided support and guidance throughout the process (design, planning, tender, building works) helping us manage to budget and avoid several potential pitfalls. They brought practical advice and expertise - which really helped make the project a success.

    I would recommend."

    Terry & Jess

    Private Client, Granville Park

    Our No Obligation Consultancies

    The success of your project can be measured in many
    ways. But at the core is what value has been added to
    the site in the process of a project.

    We will work with you to ensure every potential
    to increase value is explored at every stage of the project.

    Our clients have profited from our imagination in many
    different ways.

    Our promise to you is our continual planning for
    maximised gain, from a strategic level right down to
    the detail.

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