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    Whilst it continues to be a frustration for us all that we cannot carry on our usual daily routines, collectively we must use our ingenuity – ‘the show must go on’! Now is the ideal opportunity to bring online your new project, or progress with an existing one. Let us put you on the right footing…

    If you are looking to make alterations to your property, including an extension, we can assist you with our online ‘Architect Home Visit’, or if you would prefer an onsite service we are now reinstating these too, following relaxing of government COVID19 policy. If you are a developer looking to maximise the value of your site at planning or you are considering building a newbuild property for yourself, we can assist you with our ‘Development Appraisal’. Please click below to get to the relevant page for your project, or enter your contact details and we will contact you to book in your consultation.

    During lockdown we embraced innovative ways of working and collaborating online.

    Enabling your project to progress safely is our priority, so that when we all emerge for the recovery you are ahead of the curve.

    We have been talking to the industry and we have a full list of consultants who can assist the progress of your project.

    Government directives have gone out to planning departments outlining the need to ensure that the planning process is not affected by COVID19 policy.

    Contact us to discuss how we can get your project up and running during COVID19.

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      By clicking ‘send’ you agree to E2 Architecture and Interiors Ltd storing and using the information above as set out in their Privacy Policy

      Sam Cooper

      Why E2 Architecture?

      The E2 Guarantee:

      You will:

      • Rest assured that you have achieved the maximum value from your site.
      • Give delight to all those who experience your new property.
      • Be happy in the knowledge that you have enacted the most appropriate scheme.
      • Be confident you have achieved the best return on your investment, for you and the property.
      • Be proud you have enacted a positive and sustainable impact on the environment.
      • Have peace of mind with an accredited RIBA award winning Architect working on your project.
      • Have sophisticated contemporary architecture that inspires and works to deliver you maximum comfort.


      We guarantee:

      • E2 Director Sam Cooper will be lead consultant on your project from inception to completion.
      • We will explore all viable options for the project to ensure that you receive the return on the investment that you desire.
      • We will add lasting value to you and your asset.
      • We will agree a project programme and constantly review and report against it.
      • We will respond to all communication within 24hrs in the working week.
      • Our entire team will be dedicated to delivering complete customer satisfaction.
      • You will be delighted with the result.


      We can’t guarantee the result of any planning application, but we can guarantee that we will use our skill, care and expertise to give you the best chance of success in what you aspire to.

      Sam Cooper


      "I just can’t wait to get home, every time... I love what you guys have done. I never thought it could be this good."

      Dominic Cooper

      Private Client, Primrose Hill

      "The house is also cleverly designed to meet all our needs as a family home. We are delighted with E2’s services and would highly recommend them."

      Eavan Collins

      Client, Heathway

      "Knowledgeable, professional, personable - and patient! I would recommend."

      Terry & Jess

      Private Client, Granville Park

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