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    The design and construction of a bespoke contemporary new-build home is one of the more stimulating and rewarding challenges anyone can undertake. Designing a building from scratch to fulfill and exceed your needs is a task that ultimately benefits you with the completion of its build. However, the process you will take to get there can be equally as thrilling and inspiring as walking through the front door for the first time…


    Constructing a new build home is a unique opportunity for you to express your architectural legacy. First and foremost it is and should be about you realising the completion of a building that meets your lifestyle needs; this is the definition of good architecture. However, great architecture not only exceeds your needs but also provides spaces that inspire, energise and stimulate.


    There are so many opportunities and directions to go in when presented with a blank slate, this can become a daunting prospect. However, design cues can be drawn from the conditions of the project site itself, as well as its context. These can be stylistic, technical, and they can be about using certain materials just as they can be based around the framing of specific views and/or reacting to established planting onsite. You may have a defined architectural vision for the building just as you may not, but by using these cues, you will be able to sculpt and refine your design.

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    Are you thinking of designing a new extensions or making alterations to your property or a property you are considering purchasing? Explore the options available with E2 director Sam Cooper. Find out more here...

    The E2 Guarantee

    E2 director Sam Cooper will be lead consultant on your project from inception to completion.

    We will explore all viable options for the project to ensure that you receive the return on the investment that you desire.

    We will add lasting value to your asset.

    To see our full list of guarantees please download our Value Add and Homemaker’s Promises.


    This will then lead into a process of technical detail design and on to the final construction details for your project. At each stage a finer understanding of your building will be drawn out onto the page, until every aspect has been proposed, tested and established. E2 can help you at every stage of the process from initial site appraisals and feasibility through to site supervision of a contractor or consultancy on a self build to ensure the vision is carried through to reality.


    There is no prescriptive one size fits all design solution to any site. The design process will be led by you, your brief, and the site and context. These will all inform a process of testing, using sketch designs, to help unlock an initial concept design. This can be expanded and improved until you are happy that your brief has been met. This concept design stage will set the baseline parameters for your building.

    Sam Cooper

    About E2 Architecture

    We take pride in achieving distinctive designs of outstanding quality that enhance and add value to homes, businesses and developments.

    We will help you create buildings and spaces that are comfortable, enjoyable and life enhancing. Our approach to each project, big or small, starts from the same position; objectivity, respect, care and attention. In our work we seek to empower progress through a collaborative approach with our clients. We strive to exceed expectations of the value great architecture can bring to a project.

    Whether for a new build one-off house, multiple unit mixed use buildings, or for creating striking contemporary interventions to heritage and Grade Listed buildings, our expertise lies in merging innovative contemporary architecture with high performing energy efficient building techniques and sympathetic restoration to bring you a building which is greater than the sum of its parts.

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